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Howto: Using Variables with Generic Templates

Continue Reading Posted on Apr 04, 2016 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Here's a requirement we see a lot of, the need to utilize a common template across a display network but with small location specific changes. The simple solution would be to just copy and customize the template for each location. Managing this solution however does not scale well since it requires not only keeping track of multiple templates but also scheduling each template to it's respective ... Read more »

Weather Breaking Changes

Continue Reading Posted on Mar 27, 2016 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We have had to make a change to our weather data provider which has caused issue with some of our customers. If the weather is no longer working on your signs please make the following change to your template. Login to your RevelDigital account Edit the template containing the weather zone IF your weather is a Flash zone Delete the zone Add a new Gadget zone Double click to edit the zone and ... Read more »

Android TV Redux

Continue Reading Posted on Jan 27, 2016 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

RevelDigital was one of the first digital signage software providers to embrace Android TV when first unveiled in 2010. With a full blown Android operating system, Android TV is able to offer all of the performance and capability of a stand-alone Android PC with the convenience of TV integration. But with very few TV manufacturers backing the initial effort there was a slow steady decline in ... Read more »

New FlightStats Gadget and Template

Continue Reading Posted on Dec 31, 2015 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We've added a new example template to the Template Gallery which demonstrates our new FlightStats gadget. FlightStats is a flight data service providing real-time information on flight schedules. This new gadget provides an easy method of integrating flight arrival and departure times into your digital signage. The template demonstrates a multi-purpose sign with weather, events via Google ... Read more »

Real-Time Beacon Activity Monitoring

Continue Reading Posted on Dec 02, 2015 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We've just added a cool new visualization to our AdHawk suite of audience measurement tools which provides a real-time view of your beacon network activity. When someone enters the range of a beacon they will pop into view as a circular avatar with a line connecting that avatar to the triggered beacon. Once out of range of the beacon their avatar will disappear. Hovering over an avatar will ... Read more »

Custom Font Support With Google Fonts

Continue Reading Posted on Nov 04, 2015 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Now you can spice up your template designs with Google Fonts! Google Fonts offers a large variety of type styles to meet most any design criteria. Head over to to check them out. Menu board with custom handwriting font We've made incorporating these fonts into your template as simple as possible by adding a new option to the existing font style dialog. Just enter ... Read more »

Important Changes to Affidavit Reporting

Continue Reading Posted on Oct 07, 2015 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Starting November 1st we will require users to opt-in in order to continue receiving affidavit or 'proof of play' reports from their players. This involves simply toggling a switch in your account settings. We have made this change to prevent unnecessary consumption of network bandwidth in cases where proof of play is not a requirement. Toggle Proof of Play To enable affidavits for your ... Read more »

Utilizing Audience Measurement & Face Detection

Continue Reading Posted on Aug 10, 2015 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Audience Measurement Audience measurement has been available on the RevelDigital platform for quite some time yet most of our customers are not aware of it's existence. All of our Android players currently support the technology and simply need it to be enabled. For those unfamiliar with the technology it allows measuring the age and gender of your audience as well as providing key metrics ... Read more »

ICX Conference and the Mother of all Demos

Continue Reading Posted on Jul 08, 2015 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

RevelDigital was in attendance at the ICX Summit and with us came our new demonstration platform we call 'Veronica'. Veronica is a mannequin fitted out with a number of technologies for demonstrating a wide range of real world integrations which tie-in seamlessly with RevelDigital. Included in the demo is a camera for face detection, a number of capacitive touch points, NFC tags, Bluetooth ... Read more »

Automated Weather Alerts Reminder

Continue Reading Posted on May 12, 2015 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Severe weather season is here again for us in the States and we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of automated emergency alerting. Any of your RevelDigital displays can be configured to automatically warn of severe weather and other emergency situations with a full screen alert message and audible alert tone. Once the warning has expired your regular content will resume play. ... Read more »

Now Hiring

Continue Reading Posted on Oct 20, 2014 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We're looking for a few good coders. If you've got technical chops in .NET or mobile app development on Android/iOS and looking for work, please drop us a resume. RevelDigital is growing and we are in immediate need of skilled developers and support personnel. All positions based in Fargo, ND with salaries depending on experience. Please see our careers page for more info: http:// ... Read more »

Javascript emulation of the RadioShack MC-10

Continue Reading Posted on Apr 29, 2012 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

With modern web browsers closing the performance gap with native applications coupled with HTML5 support for everything from 2D immediate mode graphics to databases, we are starting to see things thought only possible in a desktop app. A great example of this performance is the ability to emulate old hardware right in the browser! You can find emulators for the Nintendo, Sinclair ZX, and ... Read more »

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