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Heartbleed Security Concerns

Continue Reading Posted on Apr 12, 2014 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

The recent discovery of the SSL vulnerability coined 'Heartbleed' has raised concern for all users of web based software and justifiably so. SSL is the security protocol which encrypts the data channel between browser and server. The vulnerability involves a server library called OpenSSL which is common on many Linux based distributions and has the potential to allow an attacker to collect ... Read more »

Mobile Driven Signage

Continue Reading Posted on Mar 10, 2014 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Viewership is obviously important to the success of your digital signage but imagine if your viewers were actively engaged. Viewers interacting with your signage are not only giving you their full attention, but with the ability to drive the content they are allowed a more personalized experience. A viewer with some vested interest is far more likely to stay engaged longer. Also, a nice ... Read more »

Aviary Image Editing Now Available

Continue Reading Posted on Mar 06, 2014 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We've added yet another tool for image editing. Aviary is a simple tool for making quick changes to any image with support for cropping, color correction, text addition, and more. Aviary is strictly for editing and cannot be used to create a new image, but is by far the easiest method for making simple tweaks. Check it out by clicking on any image media item where you'll find the Edit with ... Read more »

We've Been Busy! Coming Enhancements to Scheduling and the Android Player

Continue Reading Posted on Feb 11, 2014 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

In the next few weeks we will be rolling some much anticipated improvements to the RevelDigital platform. The majority of these improvements will focus on scheduling and the Android player app which will be detailed in follow-up blog posts once they go live. Our scheduling engine has had an extreme makeover which we hope will alleviate some of the burden associated with managing very large ... Read more »

PDF Support and Playlist Management Improvements

Continue Reading Posted on Nov 11, 2013 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Support for PDF documents has been added to playlists. Adding your PDF content is as easy as adding any other media by uploading the document then adding it to any playlist. PDF documents will display each page as a slide very similar to the way PowerPoint documents are supported. Another improvement we have made recently is in the way playlists are managed. You'll notice when you add new media ... Read more »

Announcing Next Gen Android Hardware

Continue Reading Posted on Aug 15, 2013 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Now available for purchase is our next generation of Android player hardware. We've listened to your feedback and worked very closely with our hardware vendors to provide the best possible Android solution in the market. This new hardware coupled with our full featured Android signage player app is able to provide exceptional performance and reliability and is capable of fulfilling nearly any ... Read more »

Touch Scroll Now on Android Player

Continue Reading Posted on Jul 31, 2013 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We introduced touch scrolling of playlists on our Windows player platform a while back which proved very useful for creating quick interactive kiosk applications. We now have the same functionality available on the Android platform. Any playlist zone in your template can be made interactive just by selecting the proper transition type. This will allow the slideshow to be navigated by touch ... Read more »

New Weather and Spreadsheet Gadgets

Continue Reading Posted on Jul 26, 2013 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We've added a couple new gadgets to our list of freely available gadget content. New to the list is a weather gadget with subtle animations and up to 8 days of forecast, also new is a new spreadsheet gadget that provides vertical row by row scrolling. The new weather gadget has a cool, clean aesthetic and is a great alternative to our Adobe Flash based weather module. The scrolling spreadsheet ... Read more »

Twitter Integration Changes

Continue Reading Posted on Jun 14, 2013 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

Recent changes to the Twitter API has resulted in some disruptions to our Twitter playlist and template components. The new Twitter API requires users to authenticate with the Twitter service in order to retrieve data. To comply with this requirement we have implemented a Twitter registration which you can find in your RevelDigital account under Account Information. Once authenticated your ... Read more »

New Sample Templates Available

Continue Reading Posted on May 31, 2013 by Mike Tinnes  |   First article

We've added a number of cool new templates to the template gallery which are free to use and modify. Many of the templates utilize our Google Docs integration for pulling data from Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets. All of the new menu board templates use our spreadsheet gadget to pull menu items directly from your own Google Spreadsheet. This provides a clean separation from the ... Read more »

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