Using Big Data technology to squeeze more ROI out of your digital signage and mobile marketing campaigns

Leverage the power of audience insight

By gathering and crunching data from all AdHawk enabled devices in your network, AdHawk is able to provide valuable insights into the performance of your campaign in near real-time.

Total Impressions

Break down impressions by Month, Week, Day, or Hour

Impressions by Device

Quickly determine the most popular device in your network

Impressions by Hour

Analyze which day parts have the most activity

Impressions by Age

Which age group is most popular on your network

Impressions by Gender

Percentage of visits by gender

Gender Comparative

Easy comparison by gender for a specific date or time

Heat Map

Utilize your own custom floorplan to quicky determine activity levels by device and location

Average Dwell Time

Dwell time is the length of visit. Break down by Month, Week, Day, or Hour

Dwell Time by Device

Instantly see which devices hold the most attention

And More!

Our vistor flow graph shows the actual traffic density between your devices and our real-time beacon monitor shows activity in your network as it happens!

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