Utilize our FYI beacon for hyper-local mobile media distribution, audience analysis, and digital signage triggering

What is a Beacon?

Beacons are small Bluetooth radio devices which transmit a unique identification signal. When a mobile device enters the vicinity of the beacon we can utilize the location and other properties of the beacon to provide context awareness to signage or mobile apps.

The FYI Beacon

RevelDigital has custom beacon hardware designed to work perfectly with our management tools.

Easy to Manage

Beacon management is identical to digital signage. Simply register your beacon, upload your media, and schedule to play!


Includes a wide variety of reports including impressions, dwell time, age/gender, heat maps, visitor flow, and more.

How are Beacons used?

Beacons are commonly placed in proximity to merchandise to provide contextually aware product information, but there are many other uses..


Provide customers instant offers and reward frequent shoppers with loyalty programs.


Keep travelers up-to-date on schedules, delays, and gate information.

Theatres & Venues

Provide movie go-ers with show times, trailers, ticket prices, and seating availability.

Dining & Entertainment

Reward frequent guests, inform guests of daily specials, provide menu and pricing information.

Sporting Events

Greet fans at the gate and provide game day information.


Place beacons at individual exhibits to create an automated tour guide.


Get instant feedback on your beacon campaign performance with key metrics for impressions, dwell time, visitor concentration, viewer age/gender, and more

All of our sensor technologies incorporate analytics including face detection, motion detection, and beacons.

See more on Analytics

The AdHawk App

Our beacon reference app, called FYI, is a turn-key solution for our customers without an existing mobile app. FYI can be distributed to your end users as-is, or rebranded to match your corporate identity. The FYI app works with all FYI beacons and provides a simple way to get started with beacon technology today.

The AdHawk SDK

With the AdHawk SDK, any 3rd party app is able to incorporate all the same content scheduling, delivery, and reporting found in our reference app. All the heavy lifting is handled by the SDK providing your app only the relevant content at the right time.

  • All beacons in the vicinity of the user are easily discovered.
  • Push coupons, movie trailers, daily specials, etc directly to AdHawk users. With RevelDigital SmartSchedules you can ensure content is delivered with precision.
  • A full suite of tools is available for reviewing saved content, managing beacon visibility, personalizing your profile, and more.
  • AdHawk manages your Bluetooth intelligently to conserve power and knows when an AdHawk user is in the vicinity of a beacon.

How Do I Get Started?

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