Face Detection

Target your digital signage audience accurately with intergrated face detection

How does it work?

By utilizing an integrated or external camera, our software is able to determine generic characteristics of your audience including age & gender. These metrics provide the ability to fine tune your signage to the viewer.


The RevelDigital platform includes all the necessary components to enable face detection for your signage.

Easy to Manage

Simple scheduling rules determine how your signage reacts to the audience.


Includes a wide variety of reports including impressions, dwell time, age/gender, heat maps, visitor flow, and more.

How is Face Detection used?

Primarily to tune signage to match the viewer, but also to gather important audience metrics including average age, gender, dwell time, and even traffic flow.

Embedded Hardware Available

Our All-in-One hardware comes with an embedded camera installed and ready to use. The camera is virtually undetectable and protected behind glass.

Not using an All-in-One? No problem, most any Android compatible USB camera will do the trick.


Works with our integrated AdHawk analtyics for reports on impressions, dwell time, visitor concentration, viewer age/gender, and more

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How Do I Get Started?

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