Hospitality Solutions

Hotels can utilize the Revel Digital platform for Concierge Kiosks, Shuttle Schedules, Restaurant Menu Boards, Flight Schedules, and more.

One Platform, Multiple Hospitality Strategies

Digital signage and kiosks offer valuable services to customers by providing real-time information on everything from current flight schedules to the daily specials at the restaurant.

  • Flight Schedules

    Provide real-time airline schedules and status. Revel Digital easily integrates with 3rd party flight information providers.

  • Concierge

    Utilize an interactive kiosk to provide guests with quick access to local information.

  • Menu Boards

    Advertise happy hour specials, allow guests to browse your menu, and even integrate with your existing POS system for current pricing.

  • Beacon Marketing

    Push coupons, product video, or any other media directly to guest smart phones. Allows for 'hyper-local' or context aware marketing campaigns.

  • Audience Analytics

    Utilize our integrated camera, an external camera, motion sensors, or beacons to capture a range of audience metrics including age, gender, dwell times. Fine tune your signage in real-time based on active viewership.

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