K-12, Colleges, & Universities

Educational facilities can utilize digital signage in a wide range of spaces from cafeterias to sports arenas.

One Platform, Multiple Education Strategies

From K-12 to college campuses, digital signage, along with kiosks and mobile media distribution, can provide students and faculty alike with a number of benefits.

  • Event Calendars

    Provide a display of current and upcoming events. Utilize our Google Calendar integration and elimate the headache of managing multiple systems.

  • Menu Boards

    Display cafeteria menus and even integrate with your existing POS system for current pricing.

  • Sporting Arenas

    Provide a live feed of the game at the ticketing, concourse, or box areas. Overlay the feed with any other media to create a custom broadcast.

  • Weather & Security Alerts

    Integration with NOAA provides automated alerts when dangerous weather is in the area. Manually trigger alerts on any signage in your network.

  • Mobile Media Distribution with Beacons

    Push class schedules, videos, or any other media directly to student smart phones. Allows for 'hyper-local' or context aware informational or marketing campaigns.

  • Audience Analytics

    Utilize our integrated camera, an external camera, motion sensors, or beacons to capture a range of audience metrics including age, gender, dwell times. Fine tune your signage in real-time based on active viewership.

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