Financial Institutions

Banks, mortgage brokers, and other financial institutions can utilize digital signage to convey up-to-date information on rates, services, and member benefits.

One Platform, Multiple Finance Center Strategies

The power of digital signage is flexibilty. Utilize your screen space to introduce new customers to services and products or entertain waiting customers with a live TV feed.

  • Information Kiosk

    Allow customers to browse products and services.

  • Rate Board

    Display current interest rates and stock market quotes.

  • Waiting Areas

    Provide entertainment for waiting customers in the form of live TV embedded within your own custom signage.

  • Mobile Media Distribution with Beacons

    Push specials or any other media directly to customer smart phones. Allows for 'hyper-local' or context aware informational or marketing campaigns.

  • Audience Analytics

    Utilize our integrated camera, an external camera, motion sensors, or beacons to capture a range of audience metrics including age, gender, dwell times. Fine tune your signage in real-time based on active viewership.

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