Transportation Solutions

Utilize the RevelDigital platform and our wide range of compatible hardware for everything from flight boards in airport terminals to mobile signage in taxi cabs.

One Platform, Multiple Transportation Strategies

The Revel Digital platform was designed to accomodate a wide range of signage and interactive use cases. The transportation industry in particular provides a great example of the variability of these use cases.

  • Airline or Bus Terminals

    Provide real-time schedules and status updates. Revel Digital easily integrates with 3rd party flight information providers.

  • Public Transit

    Display real-time bus arrival information for one or more nearby bus stops along with local news, weather, and current time.

  • Weather

    Use any of the provided weather gadgets or integrate with 3rd party APIs to provide up-to-date weather information. Automated emergency alerts from NOAA and NWS will switch your signage into alert mode.

  • Taxi / Bus

    Utilize an Android tablet or All-in-One PC to provide mobile signage or even interactive kiosks. Playback is not affected by intermittent network connection which is most often the case in mobile situations.

  • Wayfinding

    Provide interacitve maps for large terminals.

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