Philips digital signage

Philips Android TV™

The Philips line of Android TV's are fully compatible with the Revel Digital platform for digital signage. Combine the quality and dependability of Philips displays with the power and flexibiliy of Revel Digital. Revel Digital Platform Features

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Create your RevelDigital account

You will need a RevelDigital account to manage the content on your display.

Create Account


Download the RevelDigital app to your TV

The RevelDigital player app for digital signage manages the content on your TV and must be installed. Either install from the Play Store if available on your TV, or download the app APK.

Download App Play Store


Register your TV with RevelDigital

Running the player app for the first time will present a registration code. Use this code to register your TV with the RevelDigital management platform.

Register TV
** Philips models currently supported include: 32BDL4050D, 43BDL4050D, 49BDL4050D, 55BDL4050D, 65BDL4050D, 10BDL3051T, 43BDL4051T, 55BDL4051T, 65BDL3051T

Simple to Deploy & Manage

We work hard to make sure your digital signage deployment is easy. Once your TV is registered, all management of your signage is then done through your RevelDigital account on your favorite web browser.

Diverse digital signage hardware

Get Creative

The Revel Digital platform is capable of nearly any digital signage implementation imaginable. We have some sample templates available in the Templates section of your Revel Digital management account to help you get started. Feel free to chat or contact us with any questions .

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