QSR digital signage

Digital Signage Solutions for Quick Service Restaurants

Digital menu boards, table top displays, and interactive kiosks all work to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and provide more avenues for marketing. Revel Digital Platform Features

Digital Menu Boards

QSR's are rapidly adopting digital menu boards for their impact and ease of management. The Revel Digital platform has all the tools necessary to make creating, deploying, and managing your digital menus a breeze.


  • Create beautiful, easy to read menu boards in minutes
  • Intuitive CMS simplifies managing content and pricing
  • Drive higher margin sales by targeting special items
  • Decrease perceived wait times with engaging, dynamic content
  • Increased customer loyalty through integrations with social media and store promotions

Full featured CMS

Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling uses a simple rule based approach to scheduling content simplifiying large deployments, day parting, and menu changes for special events, promotions, etc.

Smart Scheduling
Unlimited design possibilities

Complete freedom to design your digital signage anyway you like. Unlimited zones of content with layering and transparency allow for rich, beautiful presentations.

Template Designer
Dynamic Data

Synchronize menu board pricing with a number of sources including Google Sheets, REST API, POS Systems, Template Scripting, & EMC

Dyanmic Data

Ensure your displays are up-to-date and healthy with realtime monitoring and offline alerts.

Android TV

Revel Digital has been a proponent of AndroidTV since it's launch in 2014 and is a great, all-in-one solution for digital menu boards. Our Play Store app is compatible with a number of leading industry hardware manufactuers.

Wide range of solutions

There are many other applications for digital signage in the QSR space including point-of-sale, table top displays, and interactive kiosks.

All-in-One displays

Touch capable all-in-one displays are easy to deploy and are available in many sizes from 7" to over 50".

Table Toppers

Table top displays are a great way to showcase menu items, specials, events, etc. Integrated USB charging station included.

Interactive Kiosk

Free standing, large format displays are available for interactive kiosks or non-touch digital poster.

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