Retail digital signage

Digital Signage Solutions for Retail

Utilize digital signage along with retail analytics to optimize customer engagement, retention, and sales. Revel Digital is able to provide a wide range of retail oriented solutions including shelf displays, interactive kiosks, and audience measurement tools. Revel Digital Platform Features

Full stack solution for retail digital signage

The Revel Digital platform has all the tools necessary to go full circle from signage design, to deployment, to measurement of audience engagement.

Enterprise CMS

One of the industries most comprehensive CMS solutions for digital signage, the Revel Digital platform is built to handle large scale, enterprise deployments.


One platform for any number of retail solutions whether it be interactive kiosks, video walls, shelf displays, or simply in-store analtyics with no signage component.


Security is paramount in all our services. Designed to minimize if not eliminiate IT overhead, our architecture is based on well known web standards and best practices.


No more one-off kiosks or endcap displays. The Revel Digital CMS allows complete customization of all signage components which means the same display can be reconfigured to perform new tasks at any time.


Smart Scheduling uses a simple rule based approach to scheduling content for simplifiying large, complicated deployments. Trigger content on a variety of environmental conditions including audience metrics, GPS position, infrared sensors, and much more.


Data is king these days, and we provide a wide ranage of tools for collecting and reporting on not only play logs, but a vast array of custom audience and in-store analytics data.

Hardware Agnostic

Compatible with a wide range of hardware options from small point-of-purchase displays, to large format video walls. Software compatible with Windows, Android, BrightSign, and HTML5.

In-Store Analytics

By using a variety of audience and environmental sensors, Revel Digital is able to capture and analyze visitor concentration, flow, and even viewership of individual media assets.
  • Wifi

    Most all mobile devices emit a wifi signal which can be used to determine visitor concentration and flow

  • QR

    Utilize QR codes for delivering mobile friendly content with the capability of triggering content on associated signage

  • Presense Detection

    Sonic, infrared, or lidar sensors can be used to trigger content and/or provide a simple impression indicator

  • Face Detection

    Real-time content modification and analytics based on anonymous age and gender profiles of the viewer. No PII (personal identifiable information) is captured.

AdHawk analytics user

Wide range of solutions

From shelf displays to kiosks, we have a range of hardware options to fit most any application.

All-in-One displays

Touch capable all-in-one displays are easy to deploy and are available in many sizes from 7" to over 50".

Interactive kiosk

Free standing, large format displays are available for interactive kiosks or non-touch digital poster.

Shelf display

Shelf displays are a great way to attract attention and provide new marketing possibilities.

Next Generation Retail

Utilize RFID, Bluetooth, IoT, and more to enhance the retail experience.
  • Lift-to-Learn or Place-to-Learn using RFID / NFC
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice interaction
  • Intelligent attract loops with face or motion detection
  • Triggering content via customer mobile devices
  • Integrate external hardware for visual or audio enhancements

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