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The QR Code as a Device

Let's create a new acronym - because why not. Introducing QRaaD (QR as a Device)! We have upgraded the QR code to a first-class device within the CMS with full support for content management, scheduling, and reporting.

Now when registering a new device in the CMS you now have the option of creating a QR code device, which is technically a virtual device with no associated player hardware. Once registered, the device generates it own unique QR code along with a short code URL which redirects end users to the associated content.

Registering a QR code device

Of course there is nothing especially novel about using a QR code in this way, but what is unique is the ability the target both traditional display devices and QR devices in the same campaign, using the same tools.

A good example of the utility of this feature is with digital menus. The digital menu board is quite common these days, but as the stubborn QR code is finally gaining traction it has become more popular to provide this same type content on mobile devices. Table toppers in many restaurants now include QR codes for not only menus, but also for driving customers to promotional content and rewards programs.

Digital menu via QR code

Since in most cases the content for menu boards closely parallels the QR code content, it only made sense to provide the very same content management capabilities to both types of devices within the CMS. Now you can schedule promotional or seasonal content to both your digital displays and QR devices at the same time, within the same campaign, ensuring its accuracy and validity.

Don't forget the data

Content may be king, but data is a close 2nd. It's important to know how your customers engage with your content so we've made sure to provide the analytics tools necessary to that end. Our AdHawk analytics now includes full support for QR devices including content impressions, session tracking, and custom events. This data is invaluable as it provides the necessary insight into how well your QR code campaign is performing.

AdHawk Analytics

We think the QR code can be a great companion, if not the⭐, of a digital content campaign. And remember, you saw it here first - the QRaaD! (Not to be confused with the Quotient Relay Argument Assisted Diode)

For more information please see our KB article here, and feel free to request a demo.