30-Day Free Trial

Demo the Revel Digital platform for 30 days, totally free, no credit card required.

3 steps to getting your Revel Digital trial up and running

Player Hardware

Revel Digital is compatible with a wide range of hardware including Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and BrightSign.

Install Revel Digital App

The Revel Digital player app is available on all app stores including Windows Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon Fire TV app store. For BrightSign and all other supported platforms please reference our KB article. Once installed, start the Revel Digital app to aquire your registration code.

Register your device on Revel Digital

If you haven't done so already, create your account on Revel Digital. Then click the Devices tab and click Register New Device. Use the code from step 2 to complete the registration.

Download our Getting Started guide

We also have a number of KB articles detailing the installation and setup procedures for all supported platforms.