News and updates on our digital signage platform and related technologies.

Simplifying Large Scale Deployments

We've recently added a new tool for rolling out large scale digital signage deployments called Deployment Configurations. A deployment configuration is a small file which, when copied to a USB drive and inserted into players at registration time, will completely automate the registration process. Each configuration consists of a unique device name, preassigned device group, and a selection of ... Read more »

Countdown to Christmas!

We've added a couple new gadgets to add some Christmas cheer to your digital signage. Both gadgets provide a countdown to Christmas with animation. Variation 1 Variation 2 As with any of our gadgets, it's easy to add these either a ... Read more »

The Revel Digital Screensaver

Announcing new software for utilizing Revel Digital as a screensaver on Windows PCs. Screensavers are a great option for corporate communications, and with the Revel Digital platform it's easy to schedule content by region, department, holidays, etc. The screensaver supports the majority of our standard player features including templated layouts, emergency alerts, all major media formats, smart ... Read more »

Halloween Treats

Like to add some Halloween flair to your signage? check out this SVG animation by @uchardon. We have created a gadget which can be used in your playlists or templates. Happy Halloween from Revel Digital! Just select the Create Gadget option when adding new media, then select the Halloween gadget. Once the media has been created, you are free to add it to any multimedia playlist. Make sure ... Read more »

Weather Provider Changes

We have recently switched weather data providers which may affect your weather gadgets. If you notice weather is not displaying properly you may need to adjust the location property in your weather gadget. In some instances it may be necessary to add a comma between city, state, country, etc. For example, 'Fargo ND' will not return results, but 'Fargo, ND' will with the comma inserted between ... Read more »

New Feature, Content Update Window

Our new update window configuration tool allows admins to easily configure day parts for content updates. Devices in your account will update only when they are within the configured day/hour selections. Now content managers can make changes and not worry about devices refreshing during business hours. The new configuration is available in the Account section: ... Read more »

4K (Ultra HD) Video Support General Availability

We are happy to announce general availability of our 4K video support. With an increasing number of displays supporting 4K, along with ever improving player hardware performance, we are providing the option of enabling 4K video on any device in your account. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to make the 4K transition. 4K video is big! By that we mean the file size is much ... Read more »

New Stock Quote Gadget

Hot off the press, a new stock quote gadget! We have tuned up our existing stock gadget and added a new one with a different display format. This is a 'large format' gadget for boldly displaying a single quote at a time. Multiple stock symbols can be configured which the gadget will then rotate through. We have also added an optional back panel with drop shadow to simplify adding a background. ... Read more »

New Gadgets, Meeting Room & Mini Weather

Two new gadgets are now available, one designed specifically for meeting room signage, and the other a minimalistic weather gadget. Both are free to use and available now in the template editor. The new weather gadget displays a high/low temperature along with a condition icon in a compact format, great for signage with limited screen space. Mini weather gadget The new meeting room ... Read more »

Custom CAP Feeds With Automated Alerting

Actual Revel Digital alert notification Automated alerting has always been a feature provided by the Revel Digital platform, but was restricted to emergency alerts from the NWS (National Weather Service) or EAS (Emergency Alert System). We have expanded on this to now allow monitoring for alerts from any CAP provider. CAP stands for Common Alerting Protocol which is a standard data format ... Read more »

Digital Signage Gets Physical - Part 4: Face Detection and Audience Analytics

This blog series has explored the various ways in which digital signage can interact with it's environment. In this post we will focus on the audience and how it's possible to adapt signage content in real-time based on viewer attributes. It's important to recognize that the data collected in this process is completely anonymous and can in no way be used to track individual viewers. What is ... Read more »

Digital Signage Gets Physical - Part 3: The Button

The button, arguably the most basic of computer human interfaces. The button is a powerhouse in the kiosk industry with screens everywhere urging viewers to 'touch here to learn more'. While it's true the button is intrinsically boring, it's also an essential element to a kiosk design. This blog series has been focusing on how users interact with digital signage. In this post we will explore the ... Read more »

New Feature: Automatic Image Tagging

We have rolled out a new feature to assist with managing a large collection of images. Any image uploaded to your account will now be analyzed and a set of relevant tags will be extracted. This works by using computer vision to determine what the image is composed of in terms of colors and basic objects. The generated tags are simply suggestions and can always be modified or removed. The ... Read more »

Digital Signage Gets Physical - Part 2: Motion Detection

Getting physical in the 80's This next post in our series on integrating digital signage with the physical world will focus on motion detection. In the world of digital signage, motion detection is used primarily for detecting the presence of a viewer. When no-one is actively viewing the signage it might make sense to display some sort of 'attract screen' which can capture the viewers ... Read more »

Digital Signage Gets Physical - Part 1: RFID

This is the first in our multi-part series on interfacing digital signage with the physical world. We will cover a number of various sensor technologies and how they can be utilized by the Revel Digital platform. Digital signage has become much more of a dynamic medium where the content is driven in part by real-time conditions and environmental context. Advertisers would much rather pay for ... Read more »

Enhanced Account Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Along with our new UI update we are now providing an enhanced security option for your account called Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor authentication (2FA for short), is an additional layer of security also known as "multi-factor authentication". In order to access an account with 2FA, users must provide not only a username and password, but also a short lived token known only to the person ... Read more »

Scheduled System Updates

Maintenance Details Tuesday, August 1st, RevelDigital will be rolling out a new user interface for our management portal. We anticipate minor service interruptions during this transition. All services will resume automatically after the update. If you have any issues or questions, please contact ... Read more »

New Windows 10 player app available in the Windows Store

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new Revel Digital player app for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This app is compatible with a wide range of UWP compatible hardware including IoT, Mobile, and PC. UWP provides a number of advantages over traditional Windows apps including simplified deployment and updates via the Windows Store, improved performance, and robust security ... Read more »

Severe Weather Automated Alerting

Full screen alert when the locationof your digital signage is in the warning zone The recent bout of severe weather in the southern US has prompted us to once again remind our customers about the automated alerting available on all of our digital signage products. Any display can be configured to automatically warn of severe weather and other emergency situations with a full screen alert ... Read more »

Revel Digital's ATM Topper

Revel Digital's ATM Topper is a great way to advertise with the ease and convenience of the Revel Digital CMS platform. We offer different size Android all-in-one screens with either flat or slanted bases to fit nearly any size ATM. Using the built-in camera on the display we can even track age and gender using Adhawk analytics to target market specific advertisements as well as the reporting to ... Read more »

Voice Controlled Signage with Amazon Echo

Control your signage with the Amazon Echo Announcing support for the Amazon Echo for controlling and monitoring your digital signage and kiosk displays with voice. Using the new Alexa Skill for Revel Digital you can send commands or get the current status of any device in your account. With our Smart Scheduling it's easy to create voice activated content useful for kiosk experiences or for ... Read more »

New Audience Analytics Reports for AdHawk Enabled Signage and Beacons

We've introduced two new reports for detailed camera and beacon based audience analysis. These reports work in tandem with AdHawk which is our collection of tools for audience analytics and provide more detailed information on not only impressions by device, but also a breakdown of impressions by media. This means it's now possible to determine the viewership of a specific media item which is a ... Read more »

New Facebook and Twitter Gadgets, Now With Photos

We've added new Facebook and Twitter gadgets better suited for displaying your photos. Any attached photo in your post or tweet will be prominently displayed left of the post details. This gadget has the ability to fade or slide and supports swipe gestures for interactive kiosk applications. The new gadgets are called Facebook Photo and Twitter Photo and are listed along with the other stock ... Read more »

Instagram Breaking Changes

Instagram has implemented some changes to their API which affect our integration and will require updating any of your templates currently using the Instagram gadget. Going forward Instagram will not allow referencing content from any account other than your own. We have added an option to the Instagram gadget called 'My most recent posts' and deprecated all other options. It's also recommended ... Read more »

Picture in Picture, Embedding External Video

The ability to embed external video in digital signage is a powerful feature with a number of use cases. Waiting rooms or lobbies, for example, might have two separate displays for digital signage and live TV. In these cases it would be more cost effective to utilize a single display and embed the TV directly into the signage. RevelDigital provides a simple means to achieve this functionality ... Read more »

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