News and updates on our digital signage platform and related technologies.

Platform Update (

We've got some great new features included in our platform release version including:

  • Enhanced automated alerts for NWS/EAS/CAP monitoring
  • New alert gadget for embedding an alert gadget in any template or playlist
  • Improved device details page with separate tabs for alerts, telemetry, extensions, and notes
  • Reports now render to PDF by default
  • Device listing now includes the ability to ⭐ your favorites for quick reference

Enhanced Automated Alerting

Automated alerting received a refresh with a cleaner UX, more information on the alerts received, and the ability to customize the target for the alert. Now each alert can be assigned it's own custom event name which, when used in conjunction with the new alert gadget, will provide greater control over when and where the alerts are to be presented. There is also new functionality for viewing the alert history as well as for testing alerts directly from the alert details page. More info available here:

New Alert Gadget

With the new alert gadget you have more flexibility around when and where to include automated alerts. Prior to this, the alerting was an integral part of the player with little or no customization options. This gadget will make is possible to include alerts in templates or playlists with all the control and stylistic options available with our gadget framework.

Enhanced Device Details

The device details page has been redesigned to better accommodate the various attributes related to device monitoring and management. A new tab based UX provide more breathing room for the real-time charts related to hardware health and network utilization. There are also tabs specific to alerts, device extensions, and notes.

PDF Report Viewer

Reports now utilize PDF as the default format for in-browser viewing. PDF provides a better presentation of the report versus the original HTML generator. Reports can still be exported to all other formats including HTML, Image, CSV, Excel, PDF.

Device Favorites

We've added a simple tool for toggling a device as a favorite. Sometimes it's the little things!

As always, thanks for continuing to support Revel Digital and of course for your feedback!