Digital Signage Solutions

Highly adaptable, the Revel Digital platform is well-suited to a wide range of digital signage applications

Digital Reader Boards

Reader boards encompass a wide variety of basic signage applications including:

  • Building Directories
  • Break Room / Lounge Displays
  • Waiting Room Displays
  • Lobby / Entrance Boards
  • Event / Meeting Boards

Revel Digital provides a number of free gadgets, which are dynamic components used to integrate live data such as Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Weather, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, POS Data, & more.

Interactive Displays

Turn any display into an interactive kiosk in minutes using any of our available methods including custom scripting, gadgets, or embedded webpages. Basic kiosks can be implemented with no programming using our Smart Scheduling technology. Just add a button to your template and assign it the cooresponding schedule trigger.

It's also possible to utilize any number of external sensor devices to trigger content including:

  • RFID / NFC
  • Motion Detection
  • Face Detection with Age / Gender Triggering
  • Physical Contacts
  • QR Code / Short Code

Interactive kiosk
FYI mobile app


Digital signage on the go! The Revel Digital platform includes a full featured solution for driving content to mobile devices. With QRaaD (QR Code as a Device) you can target mobile app users using the same tools we've designed for digital signage.

The Revel Digital CMS provides the ability to register virtual devices which are assigned a unique QR code. When scanned, the mobile user is presented with the content scheduled for that device.

QR code based devices support most of the same powerful features available to digital signage devices including:

  • Smart Scheduling
  • Real-time status and reporting
  • AdHawk Analytics
  • Rich content including video and gadgets
  • Content sharing via social media

See our mobile solutions for more info.

Smart Retail

Enhance your retail presence with interactive, sensor driven displays. The Revel Digital platform supports a number of various sensors and IoT devices for increasing the engagement and effectiveness of your displays.

Some examples of Smart Retail include:

  • Lift-to-Learn or Place-to-Learn using RFID / NFC
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice interaction
  • Intelligent attract loops with face or motion detection
  • Triggering content via customer mobile devices
  • Integrate external hardware for visual or audio enhancements

FYI mobile app

Meeting Room Signage

A great example of the flexibility of the Revel Digital platform, our meeting room solution utilizes our free to use gadgets for displaying current and future room reservation status. It's easy to embellish the sign with other dynamic content such as weather, clock, and custom logos or imagery.

  • Automatically update room reservation status
  • Displays current and future event details
  • Easy to customize with corporate logo, background imagery, or other dynamic content

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